Guide to Grammar and Essay Writing

Essay writing is not just notation of your thoughts concerning the issue – it is a hard and creative work that calls for all your knowledge, skills and attention. And after the writing is finished it is not the time to rest on your laurels – it is time for self-editing and proofreading. (more…)

Researches and Questionnairies on Essay Writing

Essay writing is regarded by many students (particularly those in the first year of a degree course) with a certain amount of trepidation. This is partly because they feel their performance might not be up to undergraduate level, but more often it is because essays are now an accepted part of evaluating a student’s final degree.
Although research has shown that students prefer course work essays to be taken into account, it has undoubtedly put extra pressure on them to perform well in each submitted piece of work. (more…)

Essay Writing for Scholarship Programs

When it comes to essay writing, one needs to be very careful. Research should also be done meticulously for these essays from books, internet and any other informative medium. The essay must be compelling and have an impactful introduction and conclusion. There should also be a specific theme throughout the essay and not work on multiple themes. (more…)

Essay writing amongst college students

Coursework essays have traditionally been one of the most important methods used to evaluate students’ understanding of their subject area. Although there has recently been an upsurge in innovative methods of assessment, essay writing is still used in many contexts. Both coursework and examination essays appear to be more likely to promote deep approaches to learning when compared with fact-oriented multiple choice tests. (more…)

Tackling Essays

Process of writing essays can be highly tormenting and crazy. It takes lots of patience to deal with words and more so generating them. There is no short cut to the process but if you are planning to indulge in the process of essay writing, it is better to strategize the approach to it or simply use essay writing service. Follow the mentioned steps and make it simpler and even fun. (more…)

Types of Essays

Around the world different types of essays are written to fulfill various purposes but their format remains the same, only the mode of narration or better to say mode of interaction with the reader varies.  On the basis of their content and its execution essays are divided into different types, namely, (more…)