Developing Creative Writing Skills

Sprung from the essay writing chaos and zombie-thoughts attack, keep calm and steady while searching for that ‘genius’ idea that will definitely help to push your essay on the top ‘chart’ lists. Exhibit your unique writing style and evidence to feed the flash of your story. Don’t worry, that comes actually to centering all your thoughts on one concept. In light of that you should develop one-sentence thesis, which deserves attention.

Domesticating your idea in the essay outline, apply to the variety of shapes, formats and symbols. That is clustering and mind-mapping. To feature it, take the paper and color pencils. Let’ start!

1. Start writing your ‘concept’ idea in the center of the paper.

2. Put down your thoughts around in no particular patterns. Be sure they somehow relate to the whole idea.

3. Apply to prompters like ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘why’, etc, possibly generating new ideas and thoughts.

4. It is also important to consider the ‘comparisons’ and ‘opposites’.

5. Keep writing even if you’re repeating yourself.

6. If emptied, take a coffee-break.

7. Come back with the fresh mind, look through over the paper to see what you’ve done. Be sure, you will notice that some of your quotes relate to the subject, some – not, and there will definitely be these that repeat themselves. Highlight the quotes that relate to your idea. They will play the role of ‘subideas’.

8. You have structured subideas that will certainly lead you to the main ‘genius’ idea.

9. Now you’re ready for the essay. Just get everything in order in full-texted format!