Guide to Grammar and Essay Writing

Essay writing is not just notation of your thoughts concerning the issue – it is a hard and creative work that calls for all your knowledge, skills and attention. And after the writing is finished it is not the time to rest on your laurels – it is time for self-editing and proofreading.

Online college paper writers highlight that thorough editing and proofreading are crucial for success of the papers.  So every writer is expected to go through the paper and check it for all kinds of mistakes.

Self-editing refers mostly to organization points – structure of the paper, paragraphs, smooth transition between sentences and thoughts. Also when editing it is necessary to keep in mind rules of the chosen paper format.

Proofreading is the process of reading and re-reading paper in order to find typos, grammar mistakes, repetitions, passive voice, incorrect word order, homonyms etc.

There are some the most common Grammar mistakes writers usually do, so you should bring them to notice:

  • Misplaced apostrophes – strangely enough, but many native English speakers place apostrophes in places where they don’t have to be – as a tool of forming the plural of a word, for instance.
  • Fewer or less. Some people do not understand the difference between these two meanings.
  • Amount/number. As mentioned above, there is confusion between the meanings. Use them correctly.
  • Its/it’s – another mess because of the apostrophe – it’s is only ever used as a cut of it is.
  • Active voice/passive voice – try to avoid passive voice in writing.

When editing and proofreading do not rely much on computer spell check – it misses homonyms and mistakes like their-there-they’re.  The best way to check the paper – is to print the text on paper and read it aloud. Or you can entrust your paper to experts from a writing service for college papers.