Pre-Writing an Essay

Once you pin down a topic for your essay after all the research and brainstorming, its really important that from there itself you start thinking of your essay as a whole and not as a collaboration of few minute topics. That process marks the beginning of pre-writing stage in the writing of an essay.

Basically the process of nurturing various ideas for writing on a particular topic and with their assistance, forming a basic outline for the essay is termed as the pre-writing stage. It simplifies the whole process of writing an essay and gives it a definite and less complex direction The stage of pre-writing can divided in various steps,

1. It is really essential to be clear about what sort of questions you want to address about the topic. That means from there on you will have to prepare yourself about the paths you will choose to answer those questions? What should be the best and important point that can boost your answers? How will you design the beginning of your essay? What will be the explanation right behind your introduction to form a supportive base for it? Will you need any aid from facts to support your point?
2. Next step involves barging all the answers to the above mentioned questions in a notebook, just to help you understand the whole skeleton of the essay which eventually will help in forming outline for the whole text body.
3. Next thing is to collect facts and history sheets related to your essay topic or for the paragraph which will be crafted to support a particular answer. It is highly advisable that you deal with facts directly related to your topic or to the flesh of your answer, which can serve as your time saving tool.
4. Write down your own presumptions about the topic. Figure out for yourself the importance of this topic. Why would anybody want to read about this topic? How can you decorate and make it tempting to read?
5. Find the core point of your essay or paragraph and build the whole text castle around it, if you cannot make your mind on the most important topic, then choose at least any one topic and be faithful to it in your entire paragraph or essay.
6. As you finish choosing the core point of your essay, its time that you wrap your whole pre-writing stage and decide which of the facts discovered can be copulated with your own ideas to support the main point of essay. Form a list of them and work on their sequence of appearance in the essay. Making rough notes helps in speeding and simplifying the whole essay writing process.

Once you go through the whole pre-writing stage, you can easily and comfortably get on to the writing stage which is basically converting your infant ideas to grown up sentences. Keep focus on the main point of your essay and correctly follow the sequence of your ideas by fragmenting them into simpler and meaningful paragraphs. Happy writing.