SAT Essay Writing

Yeap! Finally you’ve got the SAT test on your nose. Don’t feel intimidated by the writing section of the test. We are sure that it can be well manageable.

Let’s keep the track. SAT includes three sections with a highest score that could be reached up to 2400. We’re lucky enough that the writing part lasts 60 minutes! Here we go to one of the main statement of this article. It’s a plenty of time. To check, stand up and keep still like this for 1 minute. Ok, now we can proceed with the guides, you should keep when writing the SAT essay.

– First of all, think of the idea for the essay. As you are not allowed to choose the question, try to keep strictly to the topic.
– Make the draft containing your thoughts; don’t bother with the spelling at this stage.
– SAT writing section requires you to write a personal essay. That means you should provide your own opinion on the subject. To highlight it, use such phrases as ‘as for me’, ‘from my point of view’, ‘I think’, etc.
– When providing the evidence don’t forget about the approaches you’ve read above.
– Read one more time the essay you’ve got in the end. Merge the concept and work out the final word.
– Keeping strictly to the essay structure, rewrite it one more time. This time, don’t forget about the spelling.