Structure of an Essay

Writing of an essay universally can be divided into a standard structural format. It is basically segregating whole of the essay into different paragraphs assigned with different duties to perform, in order to support the main argument.  These paragraphs can be identified as introduction, supporting paragraph and summary paragraph, thus entering into editing or revision stage of writing.

Introduction Paragraph

It is the first paragraph of an essay. The topic of your essay is discussed in this space and that is why it is termed as one of the most important elements in your essay. This paragraph will decide weather your essay can stand the test of readers. A good introduction paragraph tempts a reader to cruise across the whole essay.

To write one good introduction, it is important that you mention your main topic right away, it ideally is called thesis statement. Thesis statement contains your core point and to produce a winning essay it is important that you weave your entire essay around it. Also provide brief information about the topic and issue a sleek teaser of facts, quotes and definitions you will mention later in the essay.

Supporting Paragraph

This paragraph is regarded as the mother element forming the main body of your essay. They are supposed to support the main point and develop genuine interest around it. It is possible that your main point is concluded from various smaller points, so construct smaller paragraphs listing your points and arrange them in an order of maximum explanatory efficiency. Support these points with facts and discoveries, listing examples making it easy for a reader to understand.

Induce various transitions between these paragraphs so that they form a smooth read. Transition words are placed in the beginning or the end of a paragraph to easily bridge one paragraph to the other making it more convenient to cruise through.

Summary Paragraph

This paragraph appears in the end of an essay after you finish baking all your ideas and is often termed as the conclusion space of an essay.

This is the place where you restate the core point of your essay and induce a sense of completion for the readers. Writing a prominent conclusion includes presenting your core point in a more appealing and reinvented way. It is important to restate the strongest answer you have given to the particular topic and support it by suggesting a future oriented plan of action and by laying a base of your own personal opinions.

Once you finish structuring the whole essay in the given format, it is advisable to revise the whole content with sharp eyes to spot any requirement of editing.

Make sure that you have properly segmented the whole essay into different paragraphs.

Revisit the whole essay to clarify that you have succeeded in standing faithful to the thesis statement.

It is truly hard and tedious to write an essay, hence you don’t want to waste all the hard work invested by making a sloppy mistake such as misspelling or may be a poorly worded phrase.

Last and most important, make sure your paragraphs dissolve properly into each other making it a simple and interesting read.