Types of Essays

Around the world different types of essays are written to fulfill various purposes but their format remains the same, only the mode of narration or better to say mode of interaction with the reader varies.  On the basis of their content and its execution essays are divided into different types, namely,

  • Definition
  • Classification
  • Description
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Sequence
  • Choice
  • Explanation
  • Evaluation


As the name suggests, while writing a definition essay, one has to make sure that they pick up a particular term or idea and define it completely. It requires intense research and command over that content to define and build a whole essay around it. Definition essays are meant to be simpler and less complex in form. They are often combined with classification or other types of essays to support the content. It is important to describe the key term first before mentioning other elements in the essay.


Classification essays involve participation of different ideas or elements and putting them in a specific format for discussion of each respectively.  It is often confused with compare and contrast essays but unlike them it only deals with classifications of both the elements and giving respective examples without drawing strong comparisons.


Standing by their name description essays are about describing a place, person or thing. It involves vividness in writing the description, dealing with all the aspects including positive or negative and making an attempt to stay completely impartial.

Compare and Contrast

They deal with putting up contrasting elements or ideas together and drawing comparisons amongst them in order to conclude the superiority.  It involves generating fair arguments and analyzing them from a critical distance in order to achieve a conclusion which ultimately will be based on the validation and weightage of every argument presented.

It is basically cumulating events or processes in a certain sequence to form an essay. This sequence is usually based on time. It identifies the order in which every event or process took place and arranges them in sequence according to their occurrence to form an essay.


You choose a particular object, plan of action or ideology upfront and explain your reason behind that choice to form an essay. In order to form a convincing read, try to support your choice with facts and strong arguments, thereby putting your own personal opinion on it. Introduction is of high importance in these types of essays.


Explanation essay is used to open curtains on why something happens or has happened in past. It requires profound description of every fact or event and its causes.


In evaluation essay the writer makes discernments about people, ideas or potential actions. These discernments are based on a criteria germinated by the writer and the essay is build around this evaluation and the core form of your criteria. You can go miles reasoning your criteria because there is no perfect answer to how much one should write in an essay, but it is suggested that you stick to minimalistic form of writing and mention efficient reasoning.